End support for the legacy 2.6.1 OPS services

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Following announcements made in January, the EPO is preparing to end support for the legacy 2.6.1 OPS service.  

The date of transition (previously announced for the 4th of June) will be postponed for a few weeks. We will announce the exact date at a later stage but please be aware that the change is imminent and urgent action is required by you now.

If you are using 2.6.1, then your access to the service using http://ops.epo.org/2.6.1/... will stop working and will only be supported at http://ops.epo.org/end-of-life/... for a few more weeks. This process enables you to control the transition of your software to the latest OPS in as smooth a way possible. If you do not take action soon, your access to a working OPS will be interrupted.

Many of the features your software uses in 2.6.1 are still available, unchanged in 2.6.2.  You will find some 2.6.2 SOAP XML responses have changed in minor ways. Although we do not intend to actively enhance the SOAP based services, the protocol will continue to be supported and the responses will remain consistent with the REST based responses which will be enhanced periodically.  If in doubt please test your SOAP based software against 2.6.2 and analyse the responses closely; these will probably be valid and are fully documented in the OPS version 2.6.2 documentation for REST based services.

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