Online Filing software – new update 5.05 now available

2 October 2012 update

The EPO is pleased to inform users of its Online Filing software that a new update 5.05 for  Version 5.04 (build or higher) is now available for download.

Download the update

Users who prefer not to install it will however still be able to file online without any adverse procedural effects.

Users who have activated the Live Update function will be notified automatically.

The 5.05 update contains:

  • new features and minor functional changes
    • Server Manager:
      • The database can be moved to a personalised location
      • Stand-alone installations only: the update transforms all processes into Windows services
    • PCT/RO/101:
      • The 1 July 2012 PCT-SAFE release (version is available in eOLF Client
      • Supports eOwnership in ePCT during signing
    • F1038:
      • New procedural categories added
  • minor technical corrections and fixes.

 Important information for users filing PCT/RO/101

Please note the following regarding "America Invents Act" implementation: for technical reasons on WIPO's side, the update to the PCT/RO/101 plug-in will take a little longer, but the software is expected to be updated by January 2013 at the latest. Applicants may, however, with effect from 16 September 2012, choose not to take into account the parts of the PCT-SAFE request form which enable an applicant to be indicated as applicant for "all designated States except US" or "the United States of America only", but instead indicate that the applicant is applicant "for all designated States" and ignore any related warning messages.  

For further information on the America Invents Act, including other changes that will enter into effect under the new legislation, please see the USPTO website.

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