Please activate cookies

In order to use this appliction you have to Cookies activate. Please change the relative settings in your Browser (Help is available via the documentation or help function).

Why do you have to activate cookies?

Cookies are needed to identify the guest user if he would like to view various documents found in this application. Your exact Internet -Address cannot be transferred. That is why an identification is only possible if you have been assigned a unique key that can be read over and over.

What are Cookies?

A Cookie is a small text file with information that is the browser stores on the guest user’s hard drive. The file includes the name of Website or Servers , from where the Cookie is being sent and can only be requested by this person. A Cookie can only be read by sender.

Are Cookies dangerous?

Cookies are not dangerous. They do not include an executable source code or any other dangerous programs. Cookies can only be read and by doing this can neither read nor spy on any other data that is on the hard drive. Can also Cookies cannot write anything but themselves onto the hard drive