Patent information

In 2009, the EPO expanded its legal status database by adding new data from China and Russia, as well as new patent assignment data from the US. The year also saw the development of a number of new features in the esp@cenet service, most notably fulltext searching, the graphic representation of claims dependencies and an online hit list sort function. There were a number of fundamental changes to RegisterPlus, which provides procedural and legal data on all European patent applications. It moved to a new location on the EPO website, which also brought improvements in terms of access security and navigation, and acquired major new features such as a single-line search box and searches in application titles in English, French and German.

A new EPO product, Global Patent Index, went into production. Targeted at experienced users, it combines the advantages of the Office's advanced MIMOSA search software with the high data capacity available today via the internet. It supersedes the three ESPACE patent databases ACCESS, ACCESS EPC and FIRST, all of which ceased to be produced at the end of 2009. The Office also stopped manufacturing ESPACE WORLD after twenty years in production.

In PATSTAT, the EPO's patent statistics database, a "grant indicator" was introduced to help produce statistics on granted patents.  

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