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Patent statistics

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Patent Index 2019

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Patent Index 2019 provides a comprehensive overview of the figures representing recent activity in the global patent system. It also offers insights into emerging technology trends.

2019 in summary

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View the headline figures of 2019:

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European patent applications filed with the EPO

Granted patents

Top applicants

Data Format File size
Patent Index 2019 - Top applicants XLS 25 KB
Top 100 applicants 2019 XLS 14 KB
Top 25 applicants per leading field of technology in 2019 XLS 21 KB

Please note that the consolidation process used may lead to some discrepancies with the lists in previous years.

Top 10 countries

Data Format File size
Applications 2019 XLS 12 KB
Granted patents 2019 XLS 12 KB
Top technical fields 2019 XLS 16 KB

Key data for selected countries

The files below provide an overview of key data on selected countries.

Data Format File size
Austria 2019 XLS 28 KB
Belgium 2019 XLS 26 KB
Denmark 2019 XLS 28 KB
Finland 2019 XLS 28 KB
France 2019 XLS 28 KB
Germany 2019 XLS 31 KB
Italy 2019 XLS 29 KB
Ireland 2019 XLS 28 KB
Japan 2019 XLS 25 KB
Netherlands 2019 XLS 29 KB
Norway 2019 XLS 28 KB
People's Republic of China 2019 XLS 25 KB
Poland 2019 XLS 25 KB
Portugal 2019 XLS 28 KB
Republic of Korea 2019 XLS 24 KB
Spain 2019 XLS 30 KB
Sweden 2019 XLS 30 KB
Switzerland 2019 XLS 31 KB
United Kingdom 2019 XLS 30 KB
United States 2019 XLS 26 KB

Statistics on the activity at member state offices

IP5 statistics

The IP5 is the forum of the five largest intellectual property offices in the world (CNIPO, EPO, JPO, KIPO, USPTO). In 2018, 2.8 million patent applications were filed at the IP5 Offices and together the IP5 Offices granted 1.2 million patents.

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