Committee on Patent Law

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1. The Committee shall advise the Administrative Council :
1.1. on any proposal relating to the amendment of time limits laid down in the European Patent Convention or the amendment of the Implementing Regulations to the EPC;
1.2. on any legal matters concerning a revision of the European Patent Convention;
1.3. on matters concerning the harmonisation of national law in the Contracting States relating to the implementation of the European Patent Convention;
1.4. on matters on international patent law which may affect the European Patent Convention or in respect of which the Contracting States may desire to co-operate pursuant to the preamble of the European Patent Convention.
2. At the request of either the Administrative Council or the President of the European Patent Office, the Committee shall advise the Adminstrative Council on any legal question relating to the European patent system.


1. Representatives of the member states
2. President of the Office supported by EPO staff


1. States which have been invited to accede the EPC (Article 166(1)(b) EPC)
2. Extension states (states recognising European patents)
3. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
4. European Union (EU)
5. Institute of Professional Representatives before the EPO (epi)
6. BUSINESSEUROPE, The Confederation of European Business

Other participants

1. Board of Auditors
2. Staff Committee

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