Management Advisory Committee

Under Article 10(1) of the European Patent Convention (EPC), the President manages the European Patent Office, and is responsible to the Administrative Council for the Office's activities. In managing the Office, the President is assisted by a body known as the Management Advisory Committee (MAC), in particular in ensuring the effectiveness of the Office's activities, the implementation of the Office's strategy and the long-term sustainability of its operations. Moreover, the President may seek the MAC's advice when contemplating strategic or other important decisions.

The President presides over the MAC and appoints its members from among the Office's senior management. The current members of the MAC are:


António Campinos

        António Campinos


Stephen Rowan, Patent Granting Process

Stephen Rowan
Patent Granting Process

Nellie Simon, Corporate Services

Nellie Simon
Corporate Services

Christoph Ernst, Legal/ International Affairs

Christoph Ernst
Legal/ International Affairs

Principal Directors

Oliver Dreute

Oliver Dreute
Chief of Staff

Aidan Kendrick, Chief Business Analyst

Aidan Kendrick
Chief Business Analyst

Luis Berenguer Giménez, Communication

Luis Berenguer Giménez

Kris De Neef, Principal Director Corporate Governance Service

Kris De Neef
Corporate Governance

Laura Smith-Hewitt

Laura Smith-Hewitt
(as observer)
Internal Audit and
Professional Standards

Thomas Groffmann

Thomas Groffmann
(as observer)
Administrator of the Reserve

Roberta Romano-Götsch, Chief Sustainability Officer

Roberta Romano-Götsch
Chief Sustainability Officer

Razik Menidjel, Chief Operating Officer Information and Communications Technology and (a.i.) Mobility and Mechatronics

Razik Menidjel
Chief Operating Officer
Information and Communica-
tions Technology, (a.i.)
Mobility and Mechatronics
and (a.i.) Healthcare,
Biotechnology and

Niclas Morey

Niclas Morey
Quality, Business and
User Services

Peter Albrecht, Head of Vice-President’s Office for Patent Granting Process

Peter Albrecht
Head of Vice-President’s
Office for Patent Granting

Vincent Kos, Chief Financial Officer

Vincent Kos
Chief Financial Officer

Andreas Sattler

Andreas Sattler
Chief People Officer

Elodie Bergot, Chief Corporate Policies Officer

Elodie Bergot
Chief Corporate Policies

Edda Franz, General Administration

Edda Franz
General Administration

Angel Aledo Lopez, Chief Technology Officer

Angel Aledo Lopez
Chief Technology Officer

Diego Eguidazu Alonso, Chief Information Officer

Diego Eguidazu Alonso
Chief Information Officer

Telmo Vilela

Telmo Vilela
Co-operation and
Patent Academy

Mihály Zoltán Ficsor

Mihály Zoltán Ficsor
Legal Affairs

Richard Flammer

Richard Flammer
Patent Knowledge

Gilles Requena, Chief International and Legal Officer

Gilles Requena
Chief International
and Legal Officer


Yann Ménière, Chief Economist

Yann Ménière
Chief Economist

Patrice Pellegrino

Patrice Pellegrino
Director Brussels Office

Mariya Koleva, Data Protection Officer

Mariya Koleva
Data Protection Officer

Florian Grundies, Lead Adviser Vice-President’s Office for Corporate Services

Florian Grundies
Lead Adviser
Vice-President’s Office
for Corporate Services

Raffaella de Greiff

Raffaella de Greiff
HR Customer Engagement

Marco Bravo

Marco Bravo
Director Patent Knowledge
Promotion, PATLIB

Xavier Seuba

Xavier Seuba
Director Patent Academy
and EQE


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