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The EPO art collection comprises around 1 000 works, including 40 site-specific commissions. Artists from most of the 38 EPO member states are represented, reflecting the diversity and richness of contemporary European culture. Discover the collection and meet some of the creators of the artworks in the documentary film “Exploring Art at the European Patent Office”.

Exploring art at the EPO

At the EPO, contemporary art meets science and technology in unique fashion. Since 1978, works have regularly been commissioned from a wide range of artists. The result is a collection of conceptual contemporary art that seeks to inspire our staff by shaping their daily work environment. For visitors from all over the world, it is also proof of the EPO's commitment to art.

Kristi Kongi. A new follower falls everyday. All mixed with daylight Alicja Kwade, Stand by (Ab2), 2002 Wolfgang Tillmans Paper Drop (Shadow), 2006 © Wolfgang Tillmans
Kristi Kongi
A new follower falls everyday. All mixed with daylight, 2020
© Kristi Kongi
Alicia Kwade
Stand by (Ab2), 2002
© Alicja Kwade
Wolfgang Tillmans
Paper Drop (Shadow), 2006
© Wolfgang Tillmans

Unfortunately, due to the in-house COVID regulations and extensive building works at the Munich headquarters, we are currently unable to offer guided tours of the European Patent Office art collection. As soon as the regulations change, we will announce this here on the website.

As an alternative, our outreach programme includes the digital series entitled "art after work". Follow us on social media: 

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