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Temporary interventions by students and graduates from the Munich Academy of Fine Arts

Art collection

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At the EPO, contemporary art meets science and technology in unique fashion. Since 1978, works have regularly been commissioned from a wide range of artists. The result is a collection of conceptual contemporary art that seeks to inspire our staff by shaping their daily work environment. For visitors from all over the world, it is also proof of the EPO's commitment to art. Our curatorial work imbues it with social relevance, transforming discrete artworks into a single aesthetic experience. What results is a space that people are happy to work in, because it is increasingly clear that art enhances the workplace - especially in the digital age - by exposing people to original ideas. Art in the workplace creates identity, both internally and externally.

Art in public spaces

Since 1978, the EPO has always sought to involve artists in the architectural planning phases for its buildings, commissioning site-specific installations and monumental sculptures both inside and outside. Their works of art in public spaces have helped to give the city a unique cultural identity. Preserving that cultural heritage is becoming increasingly important, and at the same time demonstrates the EPO's enduring commitment to the arts. A recent example is the reconstruction of the site-specific commission "kinetic light refractions" by Rolf Lieberknecht in 2019.

Art in the workplace

Alongside architectural installations, the EPO also owns a collection of conceptual artworks that is constantly growing through new acquisitions and commissions, and is exhibited in ever-changing contexts. The artworks are rotated between the EPO's buildings to keep the collection lively and exciting. More recently, following the renovation of its Munich headquarters, the EPO has implemented original new curatorial concept in which older works from the collection are on show alongside more recent acquisitions.

A fascination for science, technology and the environment

The EPO's art collection looks to the future. Trends in science and technology, and the fascinating aesthetics of these disciplines, are therefore pivotal to its underlying concept, and reflected in many of the pieces. Works by younger artists are juxtaposed with contemporary-art classics from more established names in an exciting dialogue that spans the generations. The themes on display show how the EPO's work on its collection activities reflects its corporate identity, and how it gives expression to its commitment to culture.

Social commitment spanning decades

As a member of the "corporate collecting" working party of Berlin's Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft (cultural association of the German economy) and the Geneva-based IACCCA (International Association of Collections of Contemporary Art), the EPO has joined a growing number of firms, institutions and related foundations that consider it part of their social responsibility to actively collect, preserve, exhibit and provide access to art and cultural objects.

They regard active, living collections, embedded in their corporate culture and communication, as permanent, long-term components of their corporate social responsibility. The EPO has produced eight publications on the collection since 2009. The collection itself is cited in best-practice publications on corporate collecting, and studied by experts in the fields of communication, marketing, sociology and art technology. 

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