Pauline Stroux

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Pauline Stroux 


1998 Born in Munich, DE
2015 Completed secondary education
2014 Traineeship at the foundry Kunstgießerei Munich
2015-16 Federal Voluntary Service at Munich's Dritter Orden Children's Hospital (interdisciplinary paediatric ward)
Since 2016 Art education studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, under Prof. Res Ingold
2017 Annual exhibition of the Ingold class, SUB.TV, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich 
2018 Group exhibition of the Ingold class, SAUNA, MaximiliansForum, Munich
Annual exhibition of the Ingold class, WildCard, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich
2019 Annual exhibition, Optimizer1, Academy of Fine Arts in Munich

Pauline Stroux (*1998 Munich, DE) reflects on today's eating habits, extrapolating them to predict our future diet. In so doing, she reacts to social and political trends, proposing solutions that employ bemusement and provocation to draw attention to dubious tendencies.

Pauline Stroux has been studying Art Education under Res Ingold at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich since 2016. Her artistic approach was inspired by her six-month voluntary service in the neonatal care unit of a children's hospital, where intravenous drips were used for parenteral nutrition in emergency situations. This gave her the idea of developing an infusion for an optimised lifestyle.

As the representative of her fictitious company OYL. Optimize Your Life, she offers a range of holistic products. Without following any particular dogma, the products would be able to meet all the needs of a privileged optimisation society, while also representing a potential food source for the growing world population. The products and services of OYL. Optimize Your Life are presented in the form of multimedia installations and established in the public and digital space with campaigns and strategic interventions. At the same time, the artist takes on different roles, expanding her approach over the course of her long-term performances.

In her role as consumer, the artist refers to herself as Optimizer1, whose optimised working and living environment reflects the guiding principle of the company OYL. Optimize Your Life. Looking back on her old eating habits, she shares her thoughts with other Optimizers in the Community. Integrated in the room installation is the final product of a fully optimised diet, entitled COT. Completely Optimized Trash, which is packaged in plastic bags and presented on a wall.

Optimizer1, installation view, exhibition START-UP 2019 (c) Pauline Stroux
Optimizer1, installation view, exhibition START-UP 2019 (c) Pauline Stroux

Taking material from social media, her video work TbT (Throw-back-to) shows people eating conventional food. This Found Footage is the result of research into our relationship with food, which was carried out as objectively as possible and combines different aspects of eating: appetite, indulgence, hunger, craving, gluttony, fascination, interest, revulsion and curiosity. The title of the video refers to a retrospective view of our modern diet at some point in the future.

During the opening, OYL. Optimize Your Life will be hosting a pop-up bar, offering visitors a chance to sample its ready-to-eat products. To this end, the artist will play a company representative. With levels from 1 to 5, the food units she presents correspond to the different stages of optimisation, ranging from chewable nutrients to liquid shots or powder. Visitors are thus given the option of commencing their own optimisation on the spot.

Optimizer1, installation view, exhibition START-UP 2019 (c) Pauline Stroux
Optimizer1, installation view, exhibition START-UP 2019 (c) Pauline Stroux

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