Liam Gillick

Gillick (JPG)Liaison Structure, 2005
Powder-coated aluminium
22 parts, 240 x 150 x 15 cm
(c) Liam Gillick

The simplicity of Liam Gillick's colourful stripes in Liaison Structure (2005) belies a complex, intellectual analysis. Gillick (* 1964 Aylesbury, GB) works as an artist, curator and theorist and considers each of these forms of expression as integral to his artistic practice. The complexity of thought that characterises the artist is widely documented, along with his interest in the socio-political relevance of modern systems, manufacturing processes and ultimately technical world visions. The visual language used in Gillick's work often combines clear forms with modular, decoratively arranged signifiers - the striped pattern is a recurring motif - on furniture-like installations, room dividers and paintings, like the one in the EPO's collection.

Liam Gillick - Liaison Structure, 2005Liaison Structure, 2005
(c) Liam Gillick

Liam Gillick - Liaison Structure, 2005Liaison Structure, 2005 (detail view)
(c) Liam Gillick

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