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Environmental management at the EPO

Environmental policy

The European Patent Office consumes a large amount of heat and electrical energy, as well as water and paper, and generates both waste and CO2 emissions. It has addressed these environmental issues by introducing an environmental management system that meets the requirements of the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

With a view to improving its environmental performance, the EPO continuously assesses the environmental impact of its operations. It sets objectives and targets and reviews them on a regular basis.

The following principles and objectives guide the EPO's actions:

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  • Promote a responsible approach to the environment within the EPO and communicate and implement this policy at all levels of the Office;
  • Minimise the consumption of energy, water, paper and other resources;
  • Minimise waste and pollution;
  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements;
  • Provide appropriate resources to fulfil the Office's policy commitments;
  • Promote and encourage involvement in local environmental initiatives and schemes;
  • Make this policy available to interested parties.

Since the EPO considers it the responsibility of every staff member to help meet the objective of achieving optimal environmental protection, it provides its staff with appropriate training, advice and information and encourages them to develop new ideas on how to implement the Office's environmental policy effectively.

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