Strategic Plan 2023

Goal 5: Secure long-term sustainability

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Measures related to financial sustainability, governance, transparency and accountability, as well as environmental and corporate sustainability, will be implemented to ensure the longevity of the EPO and support the areas in which it has a footprint.

Key initiatives

1. Strengthen governance

Well-functioning political governance is paramount to the European Patent Organisation and to its independence as an international organisation. This Key Initiative considers the measures that could be implemented to strengthen governance, at both the political and corporate level.

2. Enhance process efficiency

The EPO is committed to excellence and in order to deliver the products and services that benefit the patent system, the Office must constantly review the way it operates. In the years that lie ahead, the EPO will look at its processes, and ensure that they remain efficient by mapping and adjusting them according to best practices.

3. Improve transparency and accountability

Public bodies have a responsibility to explain the actions they take and implement measures of control that ensure the responsible administration of valuable public resources. In order to remain accountable, the EPO will place greater emphasis on transparency and better communicate essential information to external audiences.

4. Spread a culture of corporate sustainability

The EPO is a responsible public institution that aims to have a positive impact on society, the environment, and in the cities in which the Office is based. While the EPO grants patents geared towards environmental protection, it can also play a more direct role. Key Initiative 4 will therefore assess the actions needed to minimise the Office’s environmental impact and steer it towards new levels of sustainability.

5. Ensure long-term financial sustainability

The EPO is responsible for securing its own long term financial sustainability. As a self-funded organisation, it is able to leverage internal and external expertise to plan effectively for the future. Through a general sustainability report and comprehensive financial assessment of potential long-term scenarios, the EPO is better placed to control its destiny and continue supporting the European patent system.

6. Measure, evaluate and assess developments in the IP system
with stakeholder involvement

The patent landscape is constantly evolving and the EPO needs to be alert to these changes. For this purpose, the Office will create an Observatory: a platform that will equip it and its stakeholders with an up-to-date understanding and expert insights into innovation and patents. This inclusive platform will bring together public and private stakeholders to discuss the economic impact of patents and on-going technology developments, such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

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