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13.6.2023 | Seminar, online
Patent protection for EU funding beneficiaries
15.6.2023 | Virtual classroom, online
Study visit to the EPO-Introduction to the EPO and the European patent system
11.7.2023 | Workshop, online
Meet Europe's leading researchers
19.10.2023 | Workshop, online
Inspiring inventors - Join the live conversation

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Target audience

With their focus on nurturing the next generation of engineers, researchers, managers, entrepreneurs, lawyers and judges, Europe's universities and higher education institutions are the ideal place to raise awareness of intellectual property (IP).

Every student - not just those studying law - should know what IP is and how to use the patent system to support innovation.

The European Patent Academy offers training materials which can be used in almost any subject area, by universities as well as by research centres and technology transfer offices.

What we offer

The Academy works with universities and other educational establishments who would like to include IP on their syllabus. We can also help other institutions to expand their existing IP content and encourage them to make IP a compulsory subject.We are particularly keen to promote the introduction of new and important topics such as the economic value of patents, patent exploitation, and the use of patents as a source of information.

We also offer professors, lecturers and technology transfer office staff a whole range of training opportunities, including lectures, seminars and workshops, as well as course design and teaching manuals.

We also advise the various IP teaching and research networks that are active in disseminating knowledge of IP and the teaching of IP around Europe. In co-operation with them and other bodies and organisations, we work to develop minimum standards and core elements for the teaching of IP.

Academic Research Programme

We provide financial support for rigorous research projects that set out to produce empirical evidence with relevant implications for policymakers and business in Europe.

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