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20.11.2018 | Oslo, Norway
Green technologies and renewable energies - Innovating and patenting
27.11.2018 | Munich, Germany
Non-technical features in the assessment of patentability - focus on CII applied in different fields
4.12.2018 | Courbevoie, France
The European patent granting process: unity, priority, divisionals and post-grant proceedings
25.3.2019 | Munich, Germany
Clarity and unity: analysis of patent applications (advanced level)

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Target audience

A large part of the European Patent Academy programme is devoted to the training needs of staff of the national offices, government institutions and public-sector organisations of the member states, in particular those states that have recently joined the EPO or that might join it in the future.

We also provide tailor-made training for the EPO's international co-operation activities with non-EPO member states.

What we offer

The Academy programme is designed to give national office staff an in-depth understanding of the work of the European Patent Organisation and the European Patent Office.

Our training covers the whole patent-granting procedure, from formalities examination and prior art searching to substantive examination and post-grant procedures such as oppositions, and including the legal aspects of the European patent system, international treaties and agreements in the field of intellectual property, national IP strategies, topical patent protection issues and the economic value of patents.

Participants build up long-term contacts with one another, which in turn helps promote co-operation within the European Patent Network (EPN).

The Academy also works to identify best training practices at the national offices and to pass information about them to the other offices, allowing them to learn from one another's expertise.


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