Management structure

Supervisory Board

The Academy's Supervisory Board, composed of one representative from each of seven contracting states to the European Patent Convention, is a subsidiary body of the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation. The epi, the European Commission, BUSINESSEUROPE and WIPO also appoint representatives as permanent observers. Members of the Supervisory Board are appointed for a (non-renewable) three-year term.

Executive Director of the Academy

The Executive Director of the Academy is appointed by the President of the EPO.

Academic Advisory Board

The Academic Advisory Board is composed of the Executive Director of the Academy, the Directors of the Academy, the President of the Examination Board for the European qualifying examination, the President of the epi, two employees of the Office, up to four experts in intellectual property education and training from member states of the European Patent Organisation (appointed by the Supervisory Board), up to six expert representatives of European and international organisations and renowned teaching institutions in the field of intellectual property at European level (appointed by the President of the EPO), and two employees of the EPO appointed by the Central Staff Committee. The Academic Advisory Board, chaired by the Executive Director of the Academy, delivers opinions on the annual work programme, education, training policies and guidelines, and formulates appropriate recommendations and proposals.

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