Request for Information: Language courses at the EPO Munich, The Hague, Berlin and Vienna

The European Patent Organisation, through its executive organ the European Patent Office, would like to invite your company to provide certain information with regard to the following:

  • Standard language courses in French, English and German in Munich, The Hague, Berlin and Vienna at levels A1 to C1/C2 of the CEFR
  • Standard language courses in Dutch in The Hague
  • Specialised patent language courses in French, English and German in Munich, The Hague and Berlin
  • Pedagogical coordination of the language courses per location and language
  • Development of level attainment tests in French, English and German and their execution (carrying out) in each location
  • Organisation and logistics of the language courses in each location

Teachers and/or language schools are invited to fill in the offer form, complete the questionnaire and submit the requested information if they are interested in one or more of the services.  The EPO intends to place contracts for 3 years with 2 possible extensions of 1 year.

The purpose of the present request is to enable the EPO to determine its approach regarding the provision of language courses and services for the next 5 years, by finding out:

  • whether sufficient interest exists with market parties that are able to provide the language courses
  • what general price levels would apply for the language courses concerned.

The EPO will, at its discretion, determine whether or not it will issue an invitation to tender procedure. In the event that such procurement action will be undertaken, this will be subject to the EPO's procurement rules while any subsequent contract will be on the basis of EPO contract conditions (supplier conditions will not apply.)

This letter and your response thereto does not constitute a contract between us, does not commit the European Patent Organisation to entering into a contract with you and does not commit the European Patent Organisation to issue an invitation to tender. Thus if, for whatever reason, no contract is concluded between us, the European Patent Organisation will not be liable to you for any costs, expenses or damages which may have been or might be incurred or suffered by you.

Thanks in advance for your response to this request. Please submit the offer form (the completed table in Annex 3) together with the documents requested in Annex 4 at the latest by Friday 2.12.2016 (18h), by email to

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