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Start: 01.10.2021
End: 14.12.2021


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The Autumn e-Academy is a series of three training seminars focused on specific aspects of search.

- Seminar 1 (4 and 11 October): Building a search strategy for the differences in the scope of a national patent application and its European or PCT family member(s)
- Seminar 2 (11 and 17 November): Building a non-patent literature search strategy. Targeted technical fields: chemistry and telecommunications
- Seminar 3 (1 and 14 December): Search and inventive step: general aspects and focus on organic chemistry and pharmacy.

Each seminar's topic will be introduced in a virtual classroom of up to 2 hours. An online chat will be available to support interaction between participants. After the virtual classroom, a forum will be available where participants can share questions relating to their work. Examples for participants to work on will be posted in this forum. Participants are encouraged to give feedback on the each other's submissions.

Approximately one week after the first session, an online hands-on practical session of up to 2 hours will be held, during which example cases will be presented and, where possible, the questions raised by the participants in the forum are answered. The online forum will be closed one week after the practical session has taken place.

All virtual classrooms take place from 09.30 - 11.30 CET.

The overall time investment for participating in each seminar is estimated for each participant as follows:

- 2 hours to attend the virtual classroom
- 2 hours preparation of the practical session
- 2 hours to attend the practical session


- Series of three online seminars
- Course length: 18 hours

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Participants are examiners of national patent offices

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European Patent Office

European Patent Academy
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