Focus on recent case law: G 1/19 and opinion G 3/19


Start: 22.04.2021
End: 22.04.2021


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This online seminar is intended to present the background and the impact of two decisions of the Enlarged Board of Appeal.

- What are the consequences of opinion G 3/19 on plant and animal patentability? G 3/19 gives the opinion on the patentability when  the claimed product is exclusively obtained by means of an essentially biological process. It also clarifies for which European patents and European patent applications the exclusion is applicable. ECLI:EP:BA:2020:G000319.20200514

- The referral G 1/19 (decision pending) concerns assessment of inventive step of computer-implemented simulations and whether a technical effect requires a direct link to physical reality going beyond implementation on a computer.

The seminar is organised in the flipped format. Presentations are posted ahead of the online session to permit participants to study the material in advance and post questions to the presenters, if they wish. The questions will be answered during the online session.

The overall time investment for this seminar is estimated for each participant as follows:
- 4 hours preparation ahead of the online session
- 1 online sessions of 2 hours.


- Online seminar
- Course length: 6 hours

Learning objectives

On completion of the course, participants will have an advanced understanding of the two cases G 3/2019 and G 1/2019.


Participants are familiar with the decisions of the EPO’s Boards of Appeal.

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