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Who can be considered an inventor under patent law? What is the European approach to artificial intelligence (AI)? To find out join us for an international conference on 16 May 2022.

AI technology is changing the way we live. And while it promises to solve many problems the world is facing, it also poses unique new challenges. In 2018, the filing of patent applications indicating an AI system called DABUS as the inventor sparked an international discussion on the concept of inventorship under patent law. More than three years later, the time is now ripe to recap the findings of the patent offices and courts on this matter for a better understanding of the concept of inventorship in patent law as well as of the implications for the right to the patent.

Bringing together speakers from various jurisdictions in which decisions on the DABUS applications were issued, this conference will provide invaluable first-hand insight into the topic of inventorship in patent law from an international perspective.

The event will offer an overview of the decisions on the DABUS applications issued in various jurisdictions and provide a forum for discussing the common lines and differences between the opinions issued by courts and patent offices. It will also be an opportunity for the speakers to discuss the impact of the various decisions and any future developments, as well as to take a broader look at inventorship, to explain the EU's approach to AI and to discuss the nature of the right to a patent and its origins.

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