Nucleotide and amino acid sequences 
If your European patent application discloses nucleotide or amino acid sequences (unbranched sequences of four or more amino acids or unbranched sequences of ten or more nucleotides), the description must contain a sequence listing complying with WIPO Standard ST.25 and presented as a separate part of the description. The sequence listing must be filed in electronic form, i.e. in text format (.txt). You are advised to use the EPO's free BiSSAP or PatentIn software, which simplifies standardised sequence presentation. If you also file on paper or in PDF format, you must submit a statement that the sequence listings in electronic form and on paper or in PDF format are identical. 
If you file your application online in electronic form, you must send the sequence listing as an attachment to the online filing. Further advice is obtainable from the EPO by contacting Customer Services at
You must also fill in section 38 of the request for grant form (EPO Form 1001) to indicate that the application contains a sequence listing. 
The standardised presentation of such nucleotide and amino acid sequences is mandatory. If you do not comply with the requirements even following an invitation to do so, where applicable including payment of the late furnishing fee, your European patent application will be refused (but see point 5.10.007).

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