With the exception of annexes, any documents filed after filing of the European patent application in grant, post-grant or appeal proceedings must be validly signed. In Online Filing the signature may be in the form of a facsimile signature, a text-string signature or an enhanced electronic signature. In paper filings it may be a handwritten signature or a reproduction of the filer's signature (on faxes). The name and position of that person must be clear from the signature. 
The signature on documents filed using EPO Online Filing 2.0 or the EPO Web-Form Filing service may take the form of a facsimile signature or a text-string signature. 
If the signature is omitted from a document, the EPO will invite the party concerned to sign within a fixed time limit. If signed in due time, the document retains its original date of receipt; otherwise it is deemed not to have been received. 

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