Designation of inventor - Guide for applicants: How to get a European patent, How to get – a European patent, C. Preparing and filing a European patent application, I. Formal requirements
Designation of inventor
In your European patent application you must designate the inventor(s). 
If you yourself are not the inventor or are not the sole inventor, you must file the designation of the inventor in a separate document, which must indicate the origin of your right to the European patent. 
The designation of inventor is incorporated in the EPO Onling Filing software and in CMS. You can also obtain forms for designating the inventor from the EPO website (
The person designated as the inventor will be mentioned in the published European patent application, in the European patent specification, in the European Patent Register and in the European Patent Bulletin, unless he waives this right in due time in advance of publication.
If you do not designate the inventor when you file the European patent application, you will be invited to correct this deficiency within sixteen months after the date of filing or the earliest priority date, and in any event no later than five weeks prior to the intended date of publication of the application (see point 149). If you fail to submit the designation of inventor within the specified period, your application will be refused (see point 140).

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