Annex I.
Criteria chosen by the EPO as ISA/IPEA on specific points in the ISPE Guidelines 
In a number of cases the ISPE Guidelines leave ISAs/IPEAs the choice between alternative guidelines upon which each ISA/IPEA may rely as appropriate. 
The options are set out in the appendices to the chapters of the ISPE Guidelines mentioned below. The paragraph number (e.g. point A5.16) refers to the relevant paragraph in the chapter concerned (in this case Chapter 5, point 16). 
The EPO as ISA/IPEA has chosen the options listed below. 
Appendix to Chapter 4 
References to prior art 
Option [1] applies 
Appendix to Chapter 5  
Multiple dependent claims 
Option [2] applies 
Interpretation of claims 
Option [2] applies 
The EPO applies the first sentence concerning "use" claims 
Product-by-process claims 
Option [1] applies 
Option [2] applies 
Appendix to Chapter 9 
Excluded subject matter 
Option [2] applies 
Programs for computers 
Option [2] applies 
Appendix to Chapter 12 
Novelty: effective date 
Option [1] applies 
Appendix to Chapter 13 
The EPO applies the problem-solution approach 
Appendix to Chapter 14 
The EPO applies the criterion of industrial applicability 
Appendix to Chapter 20 
Option [2] applies 

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