Who may represent the applicant before the EPO as ISA? 
Applicants may be represented before the EPO as ISA by the agent appointed on filing the international application and having the right to practise before the receiving Office, i.e. the agent for the international phase (see points 1.9.002 ff).
WIPO PCT Guide 11.001-11.014  
PCT Newsletter  
4/2008, 7 
An applicant may also appoint an agent to represent him specifically before the EPO in its capacity as ISA. Moreover, the agent appointed for the international phase - and thus including for the procedure before the ISA - may appoint a sub-agent to represent the applicant specifically before the EPO as ISA. All communications issued by the ISA are sent to the agent specifically appointed for the procedure before the EPO as ISA.
Any agent specifically appointed to act before the EPO as ISA must be entitled to practise before the EPO (see point 2.9.003).
The requirement in respect of filing a separate power of attorney or a copy of a general power of attorney has been waived by the EPO as ISA (see point 2.9.014).
OJ 2010, 335

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