How and where should the applicant initiate the procedure before the EPO as a designated/elected Office (Form 1200)? 
For entry into the European phase, it is strongly recommended that applicants use the latest version of Form 1200. 
Form 1200 may be filed electronically using EPO Online Filing, Online Filing 2.0 or the EPO web-form filing service. The (basic part of the) filing fee is reduced if Form 1200 is filed online (see point 5.7.003).[ 58 ]
The form may also be filed on paper and can be downloaded from the EPO website.[ 59 ] Applicants are advised to read the explanatory notes carefully before completing the form.
The form must be filed with the EPO direct. It should not be sent either to the IB or to an authority of an EPC contracting state competent to receive European patent applications. 
If filed in paper form, either by post or by fax, only one copy of the document must be submitted. If the form is filed by fax, a confirmation copy must be filed only on invitation by the EPO. 
The IB sends to the EPO as designated/elected Office a copy of the international application and the ISR, any claims amended under Article 19 PCT, as applicable, as well as the International Preliminary Report on Patentability. The EPO is also informed when no meaningful search could be carried out or could only be carried out for some of the claims. Where a demand for international preliminary examination (Chapter II) was filed, the IB transmits to the EPO as elected Office the IPER, including any annexes. The IB will notify the applicant thereof, and the applicant should not file any of these documents with the EPO (see point 5.2.007). However, the applicant may have to file a translation of the international application and further documents as set out below (see points 5.5.001 ff).
Applicants must indicate the European application number, which as a rule is communicated to them approximately ten months after international publication (EPO Form 1201). Applicants who have not yet been notified of this number when performing the required steps for entry into the European phase may instead cite the PCT application number or the PCT publication number. 

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