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The Administration facility allows you to specify which members of your staff can access the online fee payment and mailbox services.

Accessing Administration for the first time

Access Administration with a secure smart card connection. Enter your smart card and press the login button.

Getting started

Features and benefits

The Administration facility allows you to specify which members of staff in your company can access the following services:

To do this you need one or more administrators. Any smart card holder from your company can log in to the My. epoline portal and sign up as an administrator.

With the Administration function administrators can grant users

  • administration rights
  • access to the company mailbox
  • the right to pay fees and view the fee payment plan

Administrators are also responsible for

  • informing the EPO about changes concerning the company
  • providing the EPO with a list of mailbox recipients when the company mailbox is first set up and informing the EPO of any changes regarding these persons
  • creating new mailbox recipients and making sure that their mail is directed to the mailbox

Administrators can also

  • turn the company mailbox on and off
  • set the time frame for emptying the trash folder

The Administration function

  • saves time: you can allocate/withdraw access rights for all smart card holders in your company direct without having to go via the EPO
  • is easy to use

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