Online Fee Payment - new release on 5 July 2017

The July update contains new and enhanced features, and GUI and functional changes.

New features:

A validation functionality has been implemented to reject at source transactions included in a batch debit order that relate to renewal-fee payments for "definitively closed" European patent applications or granted patents. It will also reject transactions included in a batch debit order that relate to fee payments for transfers of rights in respect of "definitively closed" European patent applications. A European patent application is considered to be definitively closed when the loss of rights or the refusal of the application has become final.

A warning message will alert users to any such rejections.

A message confirming that the payment could not be executed will be generated by the system after validation, and stored in a new folder in the account history.


  • New fee groups to help end users select the correct fee codes for the procedures concerned
  • Additional user input validations for application numbers, fee codes and related procedures, and improved validation messages for errors detected during the payment process
  • Creation of a new tab when links (i.e. instructions) are opened.

GUI and functional changes:

  • New columns ("procedure", "filed via" and "patent number") added to deposit-account transaction view, account history and deposit-account statements, including PDF versions of these views.
  • New filters to improve search functionality.
  • Longer text field for the file path when uploading files for batch payments.
  • Minor technical changes

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