Multipay Tool


The EPO Online Multipay Tool can be used to prepare payments for several applications at the same time. Once downloaded and installed, it is used offline.

Payments are prepared as an XML (Extensible Markup Language) file via an easy-to-handle user interface. You can then save the file on your PC, shared drive or server, and upload it straight to the Online Fee Payment service when you are ready to pay your fees.

The new version 3 of the tool is Windows 7 and 8 compatible. 


The EPO Online Multipay Tool allows you to

  • prepare XML files for batch payments in Online Fee Payment
  • share the files you prepare with colleagues
  • convert existing Excel files (in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format) into XML
  • export files in CSV format to your network for reuse later


  • efficient preparation of batch payment files saves time and money
  • access by manager/finance department to shared file simplifies approval procedure
  • use of own Excel files avoids duplication of work

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