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How does Mailbox functionality in MyEPO Portfolio compare with the existing Mailbox service?

MyEPO Portfolio provides an alternative to the legacy Mailbox service, allowing you to handle your company Mailbox notifications in the same way as before. But it offers a more user-friendly interface, with extended searching and filtering and links to view applications and documents in the digital file.

Can my whole company access the Mailbox in MyEPO Portfolio?

Yes, the Mailbox in MyEPO Portfolio works with the same users and associates as the legacy Mailbox service – users being all those who have access to the Mailbox and associates being the patent attorneys who receive communications via the Mailbox.

Is it possible to use both services in parallel to handle Mailbox communications?

Yes, anything you do in one tool is mirrored in the other tool. This is ideal for testing purposes, making it easy to switch to MyEPO Portfolio.

How do I administer my company access to the Mailbox in MyEPO Portfolio?

You use the administration tool of the legacy Mailbox service. Any changes to users or access rights by the administrator are also implemented in MyEPO Portfolio.

Can I access the Mailbox using an API?

This is not possible yet. We endeavour to start providing new business-to-business interfaces (APIs) from the end of 2022. These might include APIs that you can use to download Mailbox communications

Can I be notified whenever I receive a communication in the Mailbox?

Yes, you can set this up from the main view.

Why can I not see all users in MyEPO?

You will see all current valid smart card holders linked to your organisation listed.  If a user is missing their smart card may have expired, or may be linked to another organisation.

Filing submissions in MyEPO Portfolio

Where does MyEPO Portfolio fit into the filing landscape at the EPO?

MyEPO Portfolio complements Online Filing and Online Filing 2.0 by providing a new, guided approach to filing replies to EPO communications and other procedural acts. In the future, Online Filing 2.0 will also be integrated into MyEPO Portfolio, providing users with a seamless experience that covers all patent procedure interactions with the Office.

Who can access patent applications to perform tasks and procedural acts in MyEPO Portfolio?

Representatives with a smart card can access the portfolio of European patent applications and patents for which they have been appointed.  When more than one representative has been appointed for an application, only the main representative will see the application in their portfolio.  Members of an association will also see the portfolio of applications for which their association is appointed as representative.  As a representative, you can delegate access to other users whose smart card is registered for the same company.  For example, paralegal staff and other attorneys.

How can a representative delegate rights to a paralegal or other patent attorney?

The representative can do this by signing in to MyEPO Portfolio to view the portfolio and selecting Manage access.  At this point, access can only be granted to a full portfolio, not individual applications.  And only the representative can grant access.

What procedural acts can be filed in MyEPO Portfolio?

Initially, only a reply to a communication about intention to grant (Rule 71(3) EPC) and a reply to a communication in examination (Article 94(3) EPC) can be filed. In the next 12 months, this will be extended to other procedures including:

  • response to the extended search report (Rule 70a EPC)
  • reply to invitation about subject-matter for search (Rules 62a and 63 EPC)
  • change of representative and transfer of rights
  • actions such as changes to bibliographic data and request for oral proceedings

Can all members of an association of representatives see the files for which the association has been appointed as representative?

Yes. Members of an association will be able to see the documents in the files that make up the portfolio of applications for which their association is appointed as representative. So it is crucial that the EPO's records on membership of associations are kept up to date. You can make changes to an association of professional representatives using this form. And you will find further information on associations in the notice from the EPO dated 28 August 2013 on matters concerning representation before the EPO.

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