EPO case management system Release notes version 1.10

1. Introduction

The EPO is pleased to inform users of new online filing (CMS) that version 1.10 is now available.

No installation is required. The new version will be automatically available the first time you log in from 1st of April 2015.

2. Filing options

In version 1.10, you will be able to use existing options as well as file:

  • appeal-related documents in the EP procedure (using Form 1038)

3. Additional features in version 1.10

3.1. Re-styled lists

The lists in the following views were re-styled to create more space:

  • My applications
  • My demo applications
  • Templates and
  • My contacts.

All tasks can now be accessed in the toolbar above the list. The following, for example, shows the list of options available for creating a new application:


The folder options are shown here:


3.2. Sub-folders

With version 1.10 it is now possible to create folders within folders (sub-folders):


When creating new items (e.g. a new application, a new folder or a new contact) you can select the target folder where you want to store the item:


If you select a folder in the list view ...


... the selected folder is pre-selected in the "Store in folder" field:


Use the icons in the list's header to expand or collapse all folders:


The position of folders in the list (at the top/bottom) can be set under Preferences.


3.3. Automatic filtering of drop-down lists

Version 1.10 speeds up the selection of values in drop-down lists by filtering the list as you type. The system automatically suggests values matching your input (e.g. "uni" in the example). Matching letters are underlined.


3.4. Re-use of data

When creating a new Form 1038 on the basis of a submitted application, it is now possible to copy a selected name from the original application to the new form.


3.5. Improved signing

The signing procedure now includes a step where you can review all information to be sent with the application.


3.6. User menu

The user menu on the top right of the CMS interface now also indicates the user's organisation. The link to EPO Online Services has also moved to this menu.


3.7. eOownership

The signing dialogue for PCT applications (PCT/RO/101) includes two new fields to indicate ePCT eOwnership of the application.


3.8. DAS

When adding a priority claim (PCT/RO/101) where the office is a DAS participating office you can request that the International Bureau obtain a certified copy, and enter the access code for the priority claim.


3.9. Number of pages of uploaded documents

When filing documents where page ranges have to be specified, the CMS automatically detects and displays the total number of pages.


3.10. Other changes

Version 1.10 also includes the following changes:

  • Annex F validation has been harmonised with Online Filing software. Non-compliance will now result in a red validation message.
  • Payment is now possible by automatic debit for PCT applications (Form 1038 PCT).
  • The "Prepare to submit" task had been removed from the submission process.
  • Dialogue windows can now be resized and repositioned.
  • The "Finish" label on various buttons has been renamed.
  • PDF/A format is now supported.
  • System error messages have been improved, indicating, where possible, the probable cause of the error.
  • The document list for Form 1038 in the opposition phase was updated to include non-public documents.
  • When signing with an alphanumeric signature the slashes are automatically added to the signature.

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