EPO case management system
Release notes version 1.12

1. Introduction

The EPO is pleased to inform users of new online filing (CMS) that version 1.12 is now available.

No installation is required. The new version will be automatically available the first time you log on as of 1 April 2016.

2. Filing options

In version 1.12, you will be able to use all existing options:

  • EPO Form 1001
  • Euro-PCT Form 1200
  • Form PCT/RO/101
  • Form 1038 (both EP and PCT subsequently filed items/documents, including opposition and appeal phases)

3. Additional features in version 1.12

3.1. Demo filing settings

3.1.1. Limiting access to My demo applications

Organisation administrators can now limit a user's access to applications, giving them access to demo applications only. This setting is suitable for users who want to practice using the system.

In the Account management tab, Edit user dialogue, you, as organisation administrator, select the option Demo applications only to limit the user's access to My demo applications only. Selecting the option All (including demo applications) grants access to both My applications and My demo applications.


3.1.2. Default sub-tab displayed in applications

In the Preferences dialogue, you can now choose which sub‑tab is displayed by default when you click the Applications tab. There are three options to choose from, although My applications will be available only to users who have the Access to applications set to All (including demo applications).


3.2. Improved access to acknowledgements of receipt and export files

You can now download the acknowledgement of receipt and export file directly after submitting via two links in the application header.


3.3. Folder managment

You can now restrict root-folder access for users within your organisation. To manage folder access, a user has to be assigned folder management rights in the Account management tab, Edit user dialogue, Administration rights:


In Folder, in the drop-down menu displayed when a root folder is selected, users with folder management rights have the option Edit access.


Selecting Edit access opens the Assign folder access dialogue. The Users list shows all of the users in your organisation.

You can assign (or withdraw) a user's access to the root folder by selecting (or deselecting) this user in the list.

All users with folder management rights have access by default and cannot be de‑selected.


3.4. Template management

As with address book management, you, as organisation administrator, can now assign or withdraw the right to manage templates to individual users within the organisation. Users with template management rights can create, remove and organise templates in folders. Users without template management rights can only view the template or use it to create a new application.


3.5. Creating a Euro-PCT Form 1200 from an existing Form PCT/RO/101

You can now create a Euro-PCT Form 1200 from a submitted PCT/RO/101 application. In Tasks within a submitted PCT/RO/101 application, select New Euro-PCT Form 1200. The system will pre‑fill relevant information and let you choose which other information should be copied.


3.6. Batch submission of applications

Multiple signed applications can now be submitted in a batch. Select the applications you want to submit and click Submit in the Actions drop-down list.


After confirmation of your selection, your applications will be submitted.


When submission has completed, you can download the acknowledgements of receipt and the export files (individually or as packages).


3.7. Creating a Form 1038 from an existing Form 1038

You can now create a new Form 1038 based on the data available in the submitted application. The system will search for the most recent procedural instance of the selected application filed using new online filing (CMS) and use the data to pre-fill the new Form 1038.

3.8. Specifying the number of claims you intend to pay for

In the Pay fees dialogue of Forms 1001 and 1200, you can now specify how many claims you intend to pay for. The number you enter will be taken into account for fee calculation.


3.9. Other changes

Version 1.12 also includes the following changes:

  • Fee updates reflecting the fee changes effective as of 1 April 2016
  • Access to PCT declarations as PDF files in the export file and via the Review functionality

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