Release notes version 1.9

1. Introduction

The EPO is pleased to inform users of its new online filing system that CMS has been upgraded to version 1.9.

No installation is required. The new version will be automatically available the first time you log in from 26 October 2014.

2. Filing options

Using CMS version 1.9, you will be able to file:

  • EP Form 1001 (EP direct)
  • EP Form 1200 (Euro-PCT)
  • PCT/RO/101
  • EP Form 1038 (subsequent actions for all EP and PCT procedures, including PCT Chapter II demand and notice of opposition (PDF only)). 

It is not for filing documents in respect of appeal proceedings.

3. Additional features in version 1.9

3.1. Activation of new users

A user with organisation administration rights can register another person within their organisation in the CMS, provided this person has an activated smart card.

In the Account management tab, the organisation administrator can get an overview of all people registered in the same organisation and perform the task 'Register new user to my organisation'.

Fig 1

The organisation administrator must enter the name and smart card number exactly as displayed on the new user's smart card.

Fig 2

If the details are correct, the organisation administrator will be prompted to confirm that he/she wants to add the user:

Fig 3

After clicking on Yes the organisation administrator must select the rights for the new user.

Fig 4

Important notes

1. The following warning is displayed if the smart card details entered are not identical to the details displayed on the actual smart card:

Fig 5

2. The following warning is displayed if the new user already belongs to another organisation:

Fig 6

3.2. Minor technical corrections and fixes

Some minor technical corrections and bug fixes have been implemented.4. Managing access rights

  • Open the EPO case management system and select the Account management tab.

    Fig 4-1
  • You will automatically be routed to the Users tab. Here you will see all the CMS users in your organisation.
  • Click on one of the users to edit their access rights. These are divided into procedures and tasks. Tasks apply to all procedures.
  • Here you can remove the Organisation administration and Address book management roles if required.

    Fig 4-2
  • Address book management gives you permission to import an address book, and to add, delete or edit addresses. Normally, a larger organisation would want to restrict this facility.
  • Organisation administration gives you permission to block another user's access, add new users to your organisation and to edit access rights.

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