EPO case management system Release notes version 1.90

1. Introduction

The EPO is pleased to inform users of new online filing (CMS) that version 1.90 is now available.

No installation is required. The new version will be automatically available the first time you log on after roll-out on 12 December 2020.

2.  Filing options

In version 1.90, you will be able to use all existing options:

  • EPO Form 1001
  • Euro-PCT Form 1200
  • Form PCT/RO/101
  • Form 1038 (both EP and PCT subsequently filed items/documents, including opposition and appeal phases)

3. The 1.90 update contains:

  • PCT procedures:
    • Stylesheet changes WIPO October 2020:
      1. Office name for Zambia (ZM) in all applicable languages.
      2. Correction of Office names for ARIPO - African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (AP) - (German).
      3. Addition of NAIMCC as depositary institution.
    • Samoa new PCT contracting state
    • CT fees per 1.1.2021: for more information, see PCT Fee Tables
  • EP Procedures:
    • Minor technical corrections and fixes

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