PatXML software helps you draft your patent documents in Microsoft Word by creating a template with built-in EPC rules. Documents can then be printed and filed in paper form, or converted to PDF with a button or saved as XML (eXtensible Markup Language) to allow you to take advantage of reduced online filing fees, thus giving you a choice of filing formats.

Software requirements

Microsoft Word 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016


With PatXML you can

  • draft the first outline of your patent documents (description, claims, abstract and drawings), as well as further outline as suggested, for example, by Rule 42 EPC2000 or PCT
  • draft patent documents in XML without prior knowledge
  • import existing patent documents in Microsoft Word and save in XML
  • use standardised citation formats in line with WIPO standards
  • use standardised section headings compliant with WIPO requirements
  • carry out document content management easily
  • verify references via a link to the Espacenet database from inserted patent citations


  • makes it easier for users to benefit from the CHF 300 fee reduction for online filings with WIPO
  • makes filing of EP and PCT filings possible without the use of PDF files
  • guarantees that the formal requirements of Rule 49 EPC2000 are met
  • produces WIPO Annex F compliant XML applications
  • allows the import of most graphic files for use as drawings
  • produces smart documents which can be incorporated into full text database search systems

  • PatXML tutorial - This short e-learning module shows you what PatXML has to offer and gives you some simple exercises to try.

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