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  • The hotline is manned during our business hours
    by phone +49 89 2195-2500 (This is the number to call for urgent DPMAdirekt matters.)
  • by e-mail
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    Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt
    IT-strategische Planung u.
    internationale Koordinierung
    Referat 2.5.3
    Zweibrückenstraße 12
    D-80297 München

Supported procedures:

  • Online Services PCT/RO/101, DE/P2007E
  • DPMAdirekt EP1001E, PCT/RO/101, DE/P2007E, G6003E, W7005E, A9507E, appeals (patents and trade marks) and oppositions (patents)

Supported smart cards:

Online Filing downloads - software

Software Size Date Download
Update to the DE plugin (fee display, minor changes)  4.43 MB
Update to DE plug-in (naming of inventor) 1.93 MB
Update to DE plugin with country name change for North Macedonia  6.81 MB
Correction patch (national office procedures: AT, BE, DE, DK, FI, GB) for SP11 available for (OLF) V5.11 (build or higher)
51.3 MB
Updated certificates required for filings with DPMA 1.9 MB 22.12.2016 Download

Online Filing downloads - documentation

Document Size Date Download
User guides
User guide for the German plug-in (Form DE2007E) (German only) 1.87 MB 5.12.2008 Download
Installation guides
README file for the German plug-in (Form DE2007E) (German only) 0.01 MB 28.8.2007 Download
Technical information
Import of XML data into Form DE(2007E) in Online Filing software version 3.20 (release 3.80) and above (in English).
If you have any questions about XML import please contact EPO Procedural and Technical Support.
1.79 MB 12.1.2009 Download

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