ES Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas

Office name: Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas

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Customer Services may be contacted:

  • July and August: from 9:00 h to 15:00 h
    Other months of the year: from 9:00 h to 18:00 h
  • Technical aspects of the system of patents electronic request:
  • General and Administrative Information
    Fax: +34 91 349 55 97
    Telephone: +34 902 157 530

Supported procedures: EP1001E2K, PCT/RO101, ES, ES SFD, EP TR, PCT TR, UM, PCT SFD, PCT DM (PCT/IPEA/401)

Supported smart cards and soft certificates: FNMT-RCM, DNIe, CATCERT, ACCV, IZENPE, ANF, ACA, ANCERT, FIRMAPROFESIONAL, SCR, EPO (PinkRoccade)

Note(s): All smart cards need to be registered before they can be used for filing documents with the Spanish Patents and Trademarks Office. 

Online Filing downloads - software

Software Size Date Download
Update, technical correction to ES plugin (fees)  7.12 MB
PCT-DEMAND for Filing Office/IPEA ES: Compliance with Law 24/2015 on Patents dated 1 April 2017 available for (OLF) V5.11 (build or lower) 33 MB
Correction patch for Spanish plugin es5101 (código de agente). Available for OLF V5.11 (build or lower) 7.6 MB
  • ES(TSubs)
    Information added for es3208 (opposition to granting of a utility model)
    Restoration of rights: PCT validation message updated
  • Fee update
    Update to reflect the increase in fee IE05 (fee for request for prior examination) from EUR 337.97 to 341.35
  • es5101
    Option to choose between patent and design mode
    Change to date validation for references to previous applications
    Validation messages relating to fee codes updated
    Option to indicate that an inventor does not wish to be mentioned
    Option to select Otro... when indicating how a right was obtained
  • es3101
    Option to choose between patent and design mode
27.3 MB
Correction patch for Spanish procedures, including minor corrections to the Spanish OLF plugins - available for OLF V5.11 (build or higher)
18.4 MB

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