Web-form filing: features and benefits

Web-form filing is an internet browser application which you can use to upload and submit Annex F-compliant PDFs relating to:

  • PCT/RO/101 (RO-EPO) - request
  • PCT RO-EPO subsequently filed documents
  • PCT ISA-EPO subsequently filed documents
  • PCT IPEA subsequently filed documents
  • EP 1001 - Request for grant of a European patent
  • Euro-PCT 1200 - Entry into the European phase
  • EP subsequently filed documents with the exception of opposition, limitation and revocation proceedings (Articles 99 to 105c EPC) and appeal proceedings (Articles 106 to 112a EPC).

The service is provided via a secure internet connection. Users receive an acknowledgement of receipt, which for new EP and PCT applications includes the application number.

Web-form filing is a secure EPO web-based service which can be accessed following self-registration. To register, you must provide a valid e-mail address.


Web-form filing guarantees the transmission of documents with no loss of quality. It is a robust alternative to filing by fax. It can also be used as a fall-back service for the online filing and new online filing (CMS) services.

One advantage of web-form filing over filing by fax is that you can download an acknowledgment of receipt with the application number and date of receipt as soon as the files have been transferred. If you wish, you can choose to receive an acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail.

No paper documents need to be filed to confirm any documents filed using the web-form filing service.

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