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PATLIB is the annual conference of the PATLIB centres.

This year the event is co-organised with the Estonian Patent Office and takes place in a hybrid format with limited on-site participation in Tallinn for PATLIB centres and national patent offices in the Baltic and Nordic states.

Event details

Zurückliegende Veranstaltung
9:00 - 16:00 h
Online / Hilton Tallinn Park
F.R. Kreutzwaldi 23
10147 Tallinn
9:30 - 14:40 h
Online / Hilton Tallinn Park
F.R. Kreutzwaldi 23
10147 Tallinn


Whether you’re attending on site or online, here’s what PATLIB2023 has in store for you:

  • Hear in the keynote address how AI and the metaverse may impact innovation and IP
  • Gain insight into a successful example of innovation from an Estonian company whose inventors won the 2022 European Inventor Award in the Industry category for superior carbon-based materials for ultracapacitors
  • The PATLIB network has strengthened its network of partners, especially in the area of technology transfer. Find out what these partnerships entail and how they can benefit your organisation too
  • Learn from a Registered Technology Transfer Professional and a Certified Licensing Professional about the benefits of these qualifications and the impact of certification
  • Find out about the benefits of the EPO Knowledge Transfer to Africa initiative
  • Discover the importance of sharing knowledge and promoting innovation in least developed countries

Please note that the time zone for the programme is CEST.

Thursday, 11 May 2023

This day will be open to the world for registration and will focus on promoting the PATLIB network in and outside Europe and will show cooperation initiatives with important partners such as WIPO, ASTP, ATTP.

Moderator, online: Jon Freire Gomez, EPO
Moderator, on-site: Susanna Kernthaler, EPO 

09.00 hrs Opening

António Campinos, President of the European Patent Office
Margus Viher, Director General Estonian Patent Office

Xavier Seuba, Principal Director,  Patent Intelligence, EPO
09.20 hrs

Keynote speech
"AI and metaverse - new rules in a rapidly changing world"
Stephan Bauer, Impuls Coaching, Metaverse Researcher & Speaker

09.50 hrs

Plenary session 

"AI, metaverse and IP - are the rules of the game changing?"

The metaverse is not just about games, but also about business, about new ways of working, immersive learning and about the new economy in virtual products. AI has also a strong impact on innovation and IP.

Alexander Klenner-Bajaja, EPO
Luna Bianchi, Digital IP expert, Co-founder and CEO at Immanence
Haver Järveoja, Co-founder and COO at Ready Player Me
Panel moderator: Rainer Kaysan, EPO

"Collaboration beyond Europe - Showcasing the benefits of the collaboration with Africa"
This session aims to demonstrate the benefits of the cooperation and the knowledge Transfer between mentors from PATLIB centres and African Universities.


Mouna Marrakchi Sellami, Institut Supérieur de Sciences Biologiques Appliquées de Tunis, Université de Tunis El Manar

Pedro Macaba Nobre, Instituto Superior Politécnico Metropolitans de Angola

Temesgen Tilahun, Addis Ababa Science and Technology University

Benoît Olbrechts, PATLIB Sirris
Jetane Charsley, NIPMO

Panel moderator: Elizabeth McDonald-Maier, EPO

11.15 hrs Coffee break
11.30 hrs Plenary session

“Fostering intellectual assets management skills for R&I actors: The role of the recently published Code of practice on the management of intellectual assets for knowledge valorisation.”
In this session, the speaker will illustrate how the code resonates with the practice of R&I actors and how it can support the management of intellectual assets.

Speaker: Florentina Golisteanu, European Commission

"Promoting Innovation and Tech Transfer - a look into professional qualifications"
In this session a Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP) and a certified licensing professional (CLP) will give an insight about the benefits of this qualification and will talk about the impact of the certification and how this instruments help.

Idil Buse Kok Hazer, ODTÜ Technology Transfer Office Ankara
Michel Morant, University-Industry Liaison Office of the University of Liège
Thomas Bereuter, EPO
Panel moderator: Thomas Withnell, EPO
12.30 hrs Lunch break
13.45 hrs Plenary session

"Sharing Knowledge and promoting Innovation - a look at global cooperation initiatives" 
This session aims to showcase initiatives innovation support in LDC (least developed countries).

Nancy Samuriwo, AfrlPl
Alex Riechel, WIPO
Christophe Haunold, ASTP
Fernando António dos Santos, EPO
Panel moderator: Enrico Luzzatto, EPO

"From Invention to Innovation: curved graphene and Skeleton technologies"
The session will demonstrate a successful example of innovation from an Estonian company, whose inventors won the European Inventor Award (Industry) 2022 for superior carbon-based materials for ultracapacitors.

Speaker: Sebastian Pohlmann, Vice President of Business Development at Skeleton Technologies
14.45 hrs Closing day 1
Margus Viher, Director General Estonian Patent Office
15.00 - 16.00 hrs Onsite Plenary session

"Promoting IP - success stories from the Nordic region"
This session will show best practice examples of the promotion of IP in the Baltic and Northern States. 

Anna Lauttamus-Kauppila, Finish Patent and Registration Office
Olli Ilmarinen, Finnish Patent and Registration Office
ēze Vētra, Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia
Panel moderator: Sven Nytoft Rasmussen, Danish Patent and Trademark Office
Friday, 12 May 2023

This day will focus on the network and PATLIB internal updates. It will also serve as a platform to discuss a possible continuation of successful initiatives from the project and new ideas to be implemented in the future.


Participation by invitation only - focus on members of the PATLIB network


Moderator, online: Jon Freire Gomez, EPO
Moderator, on-site: Susanna Kernthaler, EPO 

09.30 hrs Opening
Rainer Kaysan, EPO
Elizabeth McDonald-Maier, EPO
09.45 hrs Keynote speech
"Insights from excellence - What happens at the Technology Transfer Office of a top university?"
Tony Raven, Retired Chief Executive, Cambridge Enterprise, Cambridge
10.00 hrs Plenary Session  

"Insights into TTO-PATLIB current and future cooperation"

Roberto Santolamazza, PATLIB Treviso
Shiva Loccisano, BeHold, University of Bologna
Panel moderator: Enrico Luzzatto, EPO

"The new PATLIB committee - Welcome!"
The PATLIB committee is just re-elected and will be presented to the network.

New PATLIB committee members 
Panel moderator: Susanna Kernthaler, EPO

"Customer discovery and Solution Design - participants' key take aways"
This new training initiative gave some PATLIB centres the chance to dive into a new way of thinking, a new way of dealing with their clients. Two participants will share their learning experiences and their takeaways with the network.

Sven Nytoft Rasmussen, Danish Patent and Trademark Office
Agnieszka Podrazik, AGH
Lisa Werner, EPO
Panel moderator: Thomas Withnell, EPO
11.00 hrs Coffee break
11.15 hrs Plenary session  

"PATLIB - today and tomorrow"
Since PATLIB 2.0 comes to an end it is time to review and have a look of the milestones achieved in this project, but also showcase the vision of the future.

Speaker: Xavier Seuba, EPO

"Get ready for the break- out sessions: what comes after PATLIB 2.0"
In this talk possible future scenarios / initiatives will be presented to the network for feedback – to be discussed during the breakout sessions, focussing on micro funding, Region2Region support and training needs and formats for PATLIBs.

Speaker: Rainer Kaysan, EPO
12.15 hrs Lunch break
13.15 hrs Parallel breakout session  

Future PATLIB network priorities and developments will be discussed with the network.
14.00 hrs Plenary session

Outcome of each break-out session

Rapporteurs of break out group will report on the findings in the session.

14.30 hrs Closing session
Xavier Seuba, Principal Director Patent Intelligence, EPO
14.40 hrs End of conference

Referent/innen und Podiumsteilnehmer/innen

Read more about the speakers and panelists

Susanna Kernthaler has a degree in Law from the University of Vienna. Her professional background is international trademark law. She joined the EPO in 2019 as a member of the PATLIB team. As part of the PATLIB 2.0 project she was mainly responsible for the annual PATLIB network conference, organising regular "Shaping the Future together" meetings with the network and serving as the main contact person for the PATLIB committee. As of April 2023, Susanna transitioned to be part of the Patent Academy directorate.

Ilja Rudyk serves as Senior Economist at the European Patent Office. He provides expert economic insight into issues relating to innovation and technology commercialisation, and has co-authored several studies on the role of patents and technology for the European economy.

Margus Viher has been serving as the Director General of the Estonian Patent Office since 1 April 2015. He began his career in the Estonian Patent Office in 2000, starting as the Head of the Information Department before being appointed as Deputy Director General in 2005. Prior to his work in the Patent Office, Viher was employed at the Estonian National Library from 1995 to 1999. In 1996, he earned his degree in Information Sciences from Tallinn University. Viher attended the Public Innovation Leadership Programme in 2018-2019, and graduated from the Digital Transformation and Digital Leadership Programme, an intensive digital transformation and change management programme for Public Service Top Executives, in 2021.

Memberships: Member of EPO AC, Vice-Chair of EPO BFC, Member of EUIPO MBBC, Member of AIPPI Estonian National Group.

Xavier Seuba, ES, Principle Director, Patent Intelligence, EPO. Prior to joining the EPO, he held positions as Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Science at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, and as Academic Coordinator and Scientific Responsible at the Center for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI), where he served as the Director of the Diploma on Patent Litigation in Europe, among other programmes in the areas of technology transfer and pharmaceutical patents. He has also worked as a consultant for several international organisations (e.g. WIPO, WHO, UNCTAD, UNHCHR, IDB, EUIPO) and governments, where he provided advice on international trade negotiations and normative and policy reform impacting intellectual property, pharmaceutical regulation and innovation policies. He has also acted as an arbiter in patent-related disputes. With more than one hundred scientific publications - including nine books in the areas of IP enforcement, trade and IP, and standardisation - he is a member of several academic associations.

Stephan R. Bauer is the owner of Impuls Coaching - Stephan Bauer and one of the most well-known German-speaking authors and keynote speakers around the Metaverse. In addition to writing regular guest articles in newspapers and magazines, his focus lies on advising companies on their path towards the Metaverse.

In addition, he also regularly self-publishes his own research, most recently the first part of the white paper series "The Metaverse Ecosystem - the Virtual (R)Evolution".

Alexander Klenner-Bajaja has a PhD in bioinformatics. He joined the EPO in 2014 as member of an IT team working on automated search. In 2019, he became the head of the newly created Data Science department. The data science team uses artificial intelligence to create solutions for challenges in the patent grant process, such as automated classification of applications and automated prior art search.

Luna Bianchi, Trademark Attorney and former manager of IP in a listed group of companies. She has been active in the tech field for over 10 years, focusing her activities on the social and juridical impact of the digital transformation.

Since July 2022, she has been part of the World Economic Forum Working Group for designing the governance of the Metaverse and in 2023 she co-founded Immanence, a BCorp offering ethical consultancy to assess the risks emerging from AI.

Haver Järveoja, is the co-founder and COO of Ready Player Me, a cross-app avatar platform for virtual worlds, which over 7,000 companies use in their products. The company has raised $72M from the likes of a16z, Plural, Endeavor and Konvoy, among others.

Rainer Kaysan joined the EPO in 2006 as patent examiner, handling a variety of tasks ranging from prior art search to chairing opposition procedures. From 2021 to 2023, he was entrusted with leading the PATLIB department, which provides first-class support to the PATLIB network, enabling its centres to offer state-of-the-art services to their customers. As of April 2023 he has taken on the role of leading the Digital Implementation department, where he manages a team of highly skilled experts responsible for supporting the European Patent Academy and its stakeholders on their digital transformation journey. He holds a Master's degree in aerospace engineering and business economics.

Mouna Marrakchi is Associate Professor of Biological Engineering at the Higher Institute of Applied Biological Science of Tunis (ISSBAT)/ University of Tunis El Manar (UTM) with more than 15 years of experience in higher education and scientific research. At UTM, she is coordinator of the "UTM-Innov" pre-incubation entrepreneurial programme. She is also certified in Design Thinking, Communication skills, Project Management and Entrepreneurial Coaching, and has participated in coaching several start-up projects. She is the Focal Point for ISSBAT in the PATLIB-Universities knowledge transfer project in terms of technology transfer. She is a researcher at the Analytical Chemistry and Electrochemistry Laboratory and has extensive experience in developing analytical platforms (modified electrodes, biosensors, nanomaterials) for the development of new analytical methods for medicine, agri-food, and environmental protection. She has participated in various research projects with France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Egypt, the United States, etc.

Pedro Macaba Nobre has served as Vice-President for Academic Affairs at IMETRO University in Angola since 2022.

Pedro studied Computer Science at ISTEC University Lisbon and has a Master's degree in Computer Engineering from ULHT Lisbon. In 2012, he became IT Director at Switch and Plug. Later, in 2017, he became coordinator of the Informatics Engineering and Computer Science courses at IMETRO University as well as head of the Department of Technological Sciences and Engineering at IMETRO University, eventually growing to the position of Vice President in 2022.

Temesgen Tilahun is a mechanical engineer who graduated with a Master's degree from Addis Ababa University. He used to work at various companies, serving as a mechanical engineer, senior Academic Research Assistant, Chief Technical Engineer, Senior Technology Consultant, Head of IPMO, and coordinator for the Innovation and Incubation centre at AASTU.

Temesgen has a keen interest in engineering and technology. He likes exploring new technologies and coming up with innovative ideas.

Benoit Olbrechts, after obtaining a PhD in microelectronics and working in lab research for 15 years, Benoit spent five years in the exciting world of medtech startups, where he learned how inventors draft and file patents. Since the beginning of 2020, Benoit has been with Sirris, the Collective Center for the Technology Industry in Belgium, which is a R&D centre dedicated to supporting companies with their innovation processes from both a technical and strategic point of view. He is now responsible for technology scouting and intellectual property services.

Elizabeth McDonald-Maier joined the EPO in 1992. Over the years she has been heavily involved in the areas of training and the PATLIB Network. Lisa managed the unit of user support coordination and tools for patent information products and services from 2013 to 2023. She was responsible for the training and continued development offerings in the PATLIB 2.0 project and took up the lead in the Knowledge Transfer to Africa initiative in November 2022. In April 2023, she was appointed Head of the Innovation Networks Department in the EPO's principal directorate of Patent Intelligence.

Florentina Golisteanu is co-ordinator of the knowledge valorisation awareness-raising campaign of the European Commission's Directorate-General for Research and Innovation. A lawyer by background, she joined the Commission ten years ago after working in private legal practice, where she advised on commercial transactions, competition, financial aspects and intellectual property rights. She holds a PhD in comparative commercial law from the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and BAs in law from both the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and the University of Bucharest.

Thomas Withnell joined the EPO in August 2021, bringing a focus on technology transfer and SME-related matters. Prior to joining the EPO, he led a university Technology Transfer team and he has experience in project management. His background lies in electrical power engineering and superconductivity and he has achieved RTTP (Registered Technology Transfer Professional) status.

Idil Buse Kok Hazer, attorney at law, registered technology transfer professional (RTTP) and chartered patent attorney, is the director of Middle East Technical University (ODTU) Technology Transfer Office. She is an IP Ambassador of the European IP Helpdesk, member of the PATLIB Advisory Committee and board member of LES (Licensing Executives Society) in Türkiye. She has more than 14 years of expertise in technology transfer, IP commercialisation, IP portfolio development and management, litigation, patent valuation and strategic opinion.

Michel Morant served as Managing Director of the Knowledge Transfer Office of the University of Liege and of the University Hospital, from 1998 till August 2021. He holds a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, an MBA and a PhD. After 13 years working for an international company, he joined the university to develop the Tech Transfer Office. Michel Morant is RTTP and CLP registered and is a member of associations such as Curie or ASTP.

Currently, he works as a consultant in Tech Transfer systems for universities and governments.
Thomas Bereuter is supporting businesses as innovation network manager at the EPO's Patent Academy. He is a certified licensing professional (CLP) with more than 25 years' experience in international commercialisation of early-stage technologies. He has successfully managed international licensing and technology divestment deals, and has founded and supported high-tech startups and spin-offs as CEO, advisor and coach.

Thomas started commercialising technology as an inventor, founding a venture capital-financed startup. Leading the wave of business incubation and technology transfer in Austria, he established an internationally recognised academic incubator as well as a technology exploitation office. He lectured at several universities before joining the EPO in 2013. 

Enrico Luzzatto studied chemistry at the Sapienza university in Rome. He joined the EPO in 1989 and passed the European Qualifying Examination in 1998.

In 2010, he was appointed as operational director. He was active in the training of EPO examiners and has given several lectures on patenting and procedural matters.

He joined the European Patent Academy as Senior Advisor in 2018 and worked in the same role in the Patent Knowledge Promotion directorate from 2020 onwards. As of April 2023, he remains part of the directorate Patent Academy.

Nancy Samuriwo is a lawyer, IP agent, and the founding partner at Samuriwo Attorneys, an IP law firm based in Harare, Zimbabwe. She is currently serving as an intellectual property rights (IPR) expert for AfrIPI, an international co-operation project on intellectual property and innovation that is funded and directed by the European Union and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). She has previously served on the International Trademark Association's Global Advisory Council for Africa.
Alex Riechel is Head of the TISC Development Section at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). His responsibilities include leading the implementation of program activities to establish Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs) worldwide, helping innovators to exploit their innovative potential and create, protect and manage their intellectual property (IP) rights. Previously, he held other positions related to technology information at WIPO, as well as positions at the World Trade Organization (WTO), German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), and United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). He is a graduate in management from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and in chemistry and history from Brown University and also studied at the Graduate Institute of International Studies (IUHEI).

Christophe Haunold is the Head of the Partnerships, Knowledge and Technology Transfer office at the University of Luxembourg and was a TTO Director in Toulouse until May 2020.

He is the president of the pan-European association for Knowledge Transfer ASTP, and he has been working in the field of knowledge transfer for 30 years.

He is a recognised evaluator for public policies and acts as an expert for the European Commission, the World Bank Group, patent offices, etc. His activities include international missions in Europe and Africa.

Fernando dos Santos is Senior Advisor on Africa at the EPO. He acts as EPO liaison with African countries, supporting the conceptualisation and implementation of co-operation initiatives targeting those countries. This includes establishing co-operation frameworks, capacity building and awareness-raising initiatives. He was previously ARIPO Director General and teaches IP in various African universities.

Sebastian Pohlmann received his PhD in physical chemistry in 2014 for his work on Supercapacitors. Shortly after, he joined Skeleton Technologies as part of the development team. Between 2018 and 2020, he was responsible for leading the cell and material development function of the company. Currently, he serves as the Vice President of Business Development, focusing on introducing newly developed technologies into new applications.

Anna Lauttamus-Kauppila has 12 years of experience at the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) as the Director of Communications, Customer Service and Customer Experience. Before joining the PRH, Anna held top management positions in other public sector authorities such as the Finnish Regulatory Authority and the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

Apart from being a seasoned communications and marketing professional, Anna is skilled in the fields of strategic management and sustainability. Her passion is to offer PRH clients the best customer experience in the Finnish public sector.

Olli Ilmarinen joined the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) in 2006. Since then, he has been involved with service development & marketing, stakeholder cooperation and communication, and he has managed various projects, trainings and events.

From 2014 to 2017, Olli served as a member of the PATLIB Advisory Committee. He is also a long-time board member and currently the Vice President of the Finnish Knowledge Management Association.

Terēze Vētra is a skilled specialist in Intellectual Property (IP) and Public Relations (PR), with a demonstrated history of promoting IP awareness and education in Latvia. As the Deputy Director of Intellectual Property Information Centre at the Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia and currently holding the post of the Director of Development and International Cooperation Department, Terēze has led successful public awareness campaigns and organised different regional seminars for judges and other IP professionals, as well as events for pupils, students and SMEs. She has also established productive collaborations with various institutions and organisations. Terēze's experience spans multiple diverse industries, including banking and pharmaceuticals, as well as private patent agencies. With extensive knowledge and a strong background in both the public and private sectors, Terēze brings a unique perspective to the promotion of IP.

Roberto Santolamazza has more than 25 years of experience in supporting open innovation in companies and developing innovative ecosystems, both on a European and a local scale. He holds an MBA Course degree in Car Engineering and a degree in Electronic Engineering (Industrial Automation and Robotics). Prior to joining t2i - trasferimento tecnologico e innovazione, Roberto worked for Accenture, a multinational consulting firm, as well as Ferrari SpA, a well-known Italian car maker, and Omron Corporation, a Japanese multinational electronics company.

In addition, he is adjunct professor of Innovation and Development Economics at the Venice University.

Shiva Loccisano has more than 16 years of experience in Technology Transfer and Innovation. He has spent the last decade as the Head of Technology Transfer at Politecnico di Torino and is currently CEO of BeHold srl, a holding company that manages the Spin-off shares of the University of Bologna. He is also delegated board member at AlmaCube srl, which is an incubator and innovation hub at the University of Bologna and Confindustria Emilia Area Centro.

He has also served as a board member at Netval, where is currently consulting as Senior Project Manager for the Knowledge Share 2.0 project.

Costanza Galbardi joined the PATLIB Center at Area Science Park in 2010, after several years of work experience as a documentalist in research centers and biotech industries. She specialises as an IP information professional with expertise in patent information and IP-related issues. As an IP professional, she acts as project manager on IP-related issues in the framework of EU and national projects. In 2019, she obtained QPIP (Qualified Patent Information Professional) certification and was included in the list of PATLIB experts by the European Patent Office (EPO) in 2021. Costanza has been responsible for training and capacity-building activities for junior staff in IP and technology transfer projects carried out by Area Science Park. 

Růžena Štemberková holds a degree in Regional politics and Geopolitcs (RNDr.) from Charles University and finalised her Ph.D. in Knowledge Management in IP Processing and Motivation of Researches at the University in Hradec Králové, Faculty of Management and Informatics. In 2021, she completed an MPA in Innovation and Research Management.

Since 2012, she has served as Head of the Technology Transfer Office at South Bohemia University and, since 2019, as Vice Head of the national technology association She also represents the South Bohemia University as a member of ASTP Proton, NAAC; ITTN, AUTM and the Association of Innovation and Business Development, and serves as an ambassador for RM Roadmapping.

She has authored several research articles on technology transfer, knowledge transfer and commercialisation.

Jens Hoheisel is Managing Director of InnoWi, a patent marketing agency and patent information centre in Bremen, Germany. He is a Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP) of the Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals (ATTP) with 20 years of experience in commercialisation, protection and search of intellectual property. He studied computer science and holds a PhD in production technology from the University of Bremen. For many years he also worked as a researcher on various European projects.

Philippe Borne is the head of the Patlib Center in Strasbourg. Qualified as a pharmaceutical doctor, he joined INPI in 1986 to participate in the design of the Pharmsearch patent database, a project that also involved Questel-Orbit and Derwent. He joined the regional branch department of INPI in 2008. He is a member of the board of the CFIB (the French-speaking patent information user group) and in June 2021, he joined the group of experts of the EPO PATLIB network. He recently started focusing on the geostrategic aspects of IP.

Kath Griffiths, is a qualified Librarian with over 26 years' experience, currently working as a Locality Manager for Norfolk Library & Information Service situated in the east of England in the UK.

Kath is the lead for the Library Service's Business Information provision which includes Intellectual Property, and she is also responsible for the delivery and development of the Library Service's Business Support offering across seven Business and Intellectual Property Centres in the county.

Kath is the EPO Committee member for the English-speaking nations of the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Cyprus and Malta.

Sven Rasmussen is currently heading a Danish project aimed at further developing and coordinating IPR information and business centres targeted towards inventors, entrepreneurs, and SMEs.

He studied at the Technical University of Denmark, University of Stuttgart and Stanford University, earning his Ph.D. in 1985.

Until May 2023 he will remain a member of EPO's PATLIB advisory committee and serve as the Danish delegate to the Committee of Experts of the IPC Union, WIPO.

Agnieszka Podrazik graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow with a degree in library science and scientific information. She has been the head of the PATLIB centre at AGH University of Science and Technology for many years. Additionally, for the last three years, she has served as deputy director of the AGH Main Library, where she oversees access to electronic information sources and the marketing of library services. She is a patent information specialist, who conducts workshops, trainings and lectures for students, scientists, patent attorneys and entrepreneurs. She is an author of publications in the field of patent information.

Lisa Werner studied Sociology and Organizational Studies (M.Sc.) at the University of Innsbruck, Austria.

She started her career at the EPO in 2021 as a Pan European Seal Trainee in Talent Management. Later on, she worked as a Young Professional in the PATLIB team, supporting the team in various projects, including projects related to knowledge transfer. As of April 2023, Lisa is part of the department "Innovation Networks" in the EPO's principal directorate of Patent Intelligence.

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Who should attend

Over 1300 professionals from 83 countries participated in PATLIB2022 – don’t miss out on this year’s hybrid event!

The first day of the event – Thursday, 11 May – is open to the public. It will be of particular interest to SMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurs, investors, individual inventors, IP service providers, patent searchers, IP professionals, business consultants, universities and technology transfer professionals.

Members of the PATLIB network will be able to attend the conference on both Thursday, 11 and Friday, 12 May.

Registration deadline

10 May 2023


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