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The European patent administration certification (EPAC) has been designed to enable paralegals, patent administrators and formalities officers to demonstrate that they have the required knowledge and skills to deal independently and autonomously with the procedures associated with the filing, prosecution, grant and maintenance of European and international patent applications before the EPO, as well as post-grant procedures. The examination focuses on procedural aspects under the European Patent Convention, the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and the Paris Convention as well as national laws and other agreements in so far as they apply to European patents and patent applications, including the London Agreement. Candidates must answer questions on the various patenting routes and application procedures and the procedural, administrative and formalities-related tasks involved

EPAC Training

The syllabus of the European patent administration certification (EPAC) seminar comprises five modules. Support for candidates is provided in the form of a seminar series with one module scheduled per month.

Module format: after a self-study phase of approximately two weeks, a first online session is offered during which EPO tutors will present the key takeaways from the training material and answer points raised in the forum.

A second online session will focus on participants' questions. At the end of the month, candidates will be invited to perform a self-evaluation of their understanding of the module under discussion.

The online sessions will be held in English, but participants can also interact with the tutors in French and German.

Course details and enrolment

Learning path for formalities officers and paralegals

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