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Gordon Cheng

Gordon Cheng

Birthplace: Macao
Professor, Technical University of Munich (TUM) 

“Neuroengineering is the fusion of neuroscience and engineering. Emerging innovations and technologies from this unexpected fusion are making profound impacts on our way of life, providing new tools and solutions for the industry, medicine and the like.” 

Gordon Cheng has made pioneering contributions in humanoid robotics, neuroengineering and artificial intelligence for more than 20 years. He is Chair Professor for Cognitive Systems and Director of the Institute for Cognitive Systems at the Technical University of Munich. He is the Program Director of the Elite Master of Science in Neuroengineering, a highly selective and unique study program in Germany. He is also the coordinator of the Center of Competence Neuro-Engineering. He holds more than 20 patents and has co-authored over 400 technical publications. For his “contributions in humanoid robotic systems and neurorobotics”, he was named IEEE Fellow in 2017.