Ann Edholm

Vinden och Valet, 2013 
Oil, wax, canvas 
two parts, each 200 x 240 cm 


As a conceptual artist, Ann Edholm (*1953 Stockholm, SE) is forever in pursuit of the perfect method for conveying her conceptual idea through the medium of the picture. Each of her projects is predicated on a unique theoretical construct that she strives to express through her work. In her commissions, she engages painstakingly and precisely with the future installation site. The theory behind her works on canvas references the links that exist between current themes in painting and the forms of expression favoured by the old masters, as well as the artist's personal narrative. The concept in Edholm's art is not communicated overtly by an individual motif; rather it must be discerned through consideration of the picture's overall context, its title and its position in her body of work. The title Vinden och Valet may be rendered as "wind or choice". One part of this series, the piece with black wedges on a white background, has already been shown in the exhibition "Where is the sky, where?" at Galerie Nordenhake in 2011, which incorporated autobiographical works by the artist. The motif used here - the wedge - is a recurring theme in Edholm's work, and can be seen for instance in "Dialogos" (2010, ECOSOC Chamber of the United Nations, New York) and "Übergang" (2010). The use of the abstract motif appears random and interchangeable; what counts is the narrative conveyed by the title and installation site, and the link to other works by the artist. 


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