Ivan Šuletić

CFRP Cityscape XI, 2019 
Oil, canvas 
200 x 180 cm 

The works by Ivan Šuletić (*1982, Belgrade, RS) in the EPO art collection are part of a broader painterly deconstruction of cityscapes and architecture. The artist is particularly interested in places without any immediately discernible historical context, so-called non-places. The artist takes a fragment of an arbitrarily selected digital image and paints this again and again on the canvas, resulting in a single grid-like image. For Šuletić, the repetition of a fragment becomes symbolic of modern urban developments comprised of countless non-places. Lacking any obvious cultural context, these can be found in or around any city. Referencing "capitalist realism", the artist also draws attention to the mechanisms that construct a reality through the consumption-oriented accumulation of images.  

Cityscape XII, 2019   Oil, canvas   120 x 100 cm
Cityscape XII, 2019 
Oil, canvas 
120 x 100 cm 

© Ivan Šuletić