Jan van der Ploeg

6-PACK, 2007
Acrylic on Canvas
150 x 112,5 cm

Jan van der Ploeg (*1959 Amsterdam, NL) is constantly on the lookout for new ways to interpret the simple geometric shape of the objects he comes across. His compositions start with the graphic subdivision of the pictorial surface into fields produced by lines and circles. Once he hits upon a harmonious arrangement, the exploration begins, with the aim of revealing all the possibilities offered by the subdivisions. His work thus borrows from the principles of America's minimal art movement, which saw artists engage with geometric abstraction, and at the same time is influenced by concrete art, which also uses basic geometric shapes and seeks to neutralise metaphorical components. Drawing inspiration for his geometric compositions from everyday objects, e.g. the hand holes on packing boxes, van der Ploeg hovers at the crossover between art and design. In his "Grip" series, he engaged for more than ten years with ever more ways to depict the oval-oblong form. Throughout his work, van der Ploeg's visual language remains extremely reduced and concentrated on the basic geometric shape. His many variations are achieved by simple rotation and the targeted use of pure, almost garish colours so that the graphic compositions always appear different.


GRIP, 2007
Acrylic on Canvas
150 x 112.5cm



Untitled, 2011
Acrylic on Canvas
60 x 240 cm


© Jan van der Ploeg