Kristi Kongi

A New Flower Falls Every Day - All Mixed With Daylight, 2020
Oil, canvas
33 cm x 33 cm

For Kristi Kongi (*1985 Tallinn, EE) painting is a way of applying colour to document different kinds of light, spaces and objects of personal importance, and thus of capturing or even travelling in time. Her vibrant artworks often come in the form of site-specific paintings and almost always comprise spectacularly eye-catching fields of bright colour.

Places she has visited or in which she has lived, combined with personal experiences and memories, often serve as the basis for these works. Kongi uses colour to present and preserve narratives, memories and histories. Often inviting and playful in equal measure, her paintings tend to invoke feelings of optimism and happiness. In the case of For Those Who Have Experienced the Unforgettable Evenings, rigid, hard-edged lines stretch across the fields of colour. Perspective seems to be absent as foreground and background fight for attention and the painting almost takes on the appearance of a collage. This results in a colorful, abstract, dreamlike vision that may suggest a window on another world.

Artwork by Kristi Kongi
For Those Who Have Experienced the Unforgettable Evenings, 2020 
Oil on canvas 
33 cm x 33 cm 


© Kristi Kongi