Krištof Kintera

Homegrown No. 1, 2003  
Beer cans, aluminium, polyurethane foam 
246 x 60 x 60 cm  

This ironic and decorative work by Krištof Kintera (*1973 Prag, CZ) addresses a variety of serious topics. Homegrown No. 1 is a cactusshaped sculpture made from cans of Dutch Heineken beer. As a social commentary it evokes thoughts not just of lonely evenings spent drinking beer and hardy indoor plants that survive, despite a lack of adequate care, to silently keep us company, but also of the rituals of youth and the dream of the great wide world. The self-explanatory narrative nature of Homegrown No. 1 exemplifies the artist’s frequent practice of creating unusual combinations of everyday objects and finds as a means of commenting on consumerism and social realities. 

© Foto Courtesy Archive Jiri Svestka Gallery, Prague Berlin