Leo Zogmayer

Ring, 1990
Diameter 205 cm
Vienna, Rennweg 12

Conceptual artist Leo Zogmayer (* 1949, Krems, AT) works primarily through the medium of language and text. His sculptures, created in the tradition of concrete modernism, are totally stripped down, reduced to the bare minimum in terms of contour, form, colour and volume. His concern lies less with framing realities than with dismantling constructs, casting off the definitions, conventions or models that limit people's perception and thought.

With its two-metre diameter, Ring is a bronze sculpture on a human scale. Standing in the gardens of the EPO's Vienna sub-office, the cast ring shape directs the eye and frames the view of the garden: its archetypal form and material presence radiate durability and value, opening up space for visual contemplation. In focusing the viewer's gaze on the lawn, Ring does not frame reality but invites the mind's eye to run free.

© Leo Zogmayer; photo: Ulrike Myrzik