Nikolaus Moser

Feuer, Erde, 1995
Oil, canvas
200 x 150 cm

Nikolaus Moser (* 1956 Spittal/Drau, AT) creates expressive and powerfully chromatic paintings in which the effect is intensified by his heavy impasto application of paint. From his pictures emerge layers and spaces that, depending on whether viewed close-up or at a distance, merge into a shimmer or form clearly delineated colour fields. However, it is the artistic gesture and Moser's hand in the work's genius that stand out in the palette-knife strokes he makes on the carrier surface. Abstract landscapes and spaces of light materialise, defying the visualisation of narrations, but inviting viewers to create their own mood-driven associations - without any assumption of background knowledge or intellectual positioning on their part.

© Nikolaus Moser; courtesy of Galerie Ernst Hilger, Vienna