Riccardo Previdi

AconA BconB, 2006 
Glass tubes, neon, reflective foil, PVC  
2 works, 77 x 101 x 81 cm and 50 x 82 x 61 cm 

Riccardo Previdi (*1974 Milan, IT) alludes in his art to the homonymous work of another Italian artist, Bruno Munari (*1907 Milan, IT, † 1998 Milan, IT), who designed a modular sculpture that has been available in game form since 1961. The base elements are circular discs with a hole in the middle and lateral folds, and can be combined together into a variety of configurations. The simplicity of Munari’s base form, the manner in which the elements can be joined together and the infinite number of ways new shapes can be created have been a source of inspiration time and again for designers and artists. And Previdi is no exception: he uses this simple and flexible system in two of his sculptures. In Previdi’s version, the individual modules are made of transparent PVC, with certain elements contoured by neon lights. Mounted on stands, the aesthetic of the objects hovers between immutable artwork and delicate design. 

© Riccardo Previdi