Roland Fischer

Certosa di Pavia, 2001
136 x 346 cm

At first, the two works by Roland Fischer (*1958 Siegen, DE) have the appearance of structural layers from geometry. The titles, however, hint at concrete locations. Fischer overlays architectural views to create a definitive picture composed of multiple shots. Certosa di Pavia is an important monastery complex in the region of Pavia. Fischer blended the famous Renaissance façade with the interior of the chapel of the "Madonna delle Grazie" [Our Lady of Grace] to create an image in which the overall design of the construction is visible, despite its collage-like structure. San Miniato depicts the Romanesque basilica of "San Miniato al Monte" [St Minias on the Mountain], which stands atop one of the highest points in Florence. Here again, façade and interior are merged to create a powerfully ornamental image that still references the threedimensionality of the building.

San Miniato

San Miniato, 2002
159 x 222 cm


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