Our friends electric, 2017 
Video, 06:17 min


This short, three-part video explores the impact of voice-activated artificial intelligence (AI). Without directly taking a stand or passing judgment, and often with a humorous touch, artist duo Superflux shows how thin the line between convenience and loss of control can be. Featuring three fictional, voice-activated devices, the film delves into human interactions with AI, the influence that the devices have on daily life and the broader social consequences of blindly trusting devices and relying on them.  

While AI-based learning can make life simpler and more predictable, we see here its potential to reduce the operator's sense of responsibility and tempt them to trade human interaction for an “obedient” machine. Although the use of voice-activated AI is already part of many people’s daily routine – when setting an alarm clock or turning on the lights for example – this video reveals its possible unintended consequences. Or as Superflux describes their modus operandi: “We are translating future uncertainty into present day choices.” 

© Superflux